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I bought this for my Pantera after seeing a SuperLite SLC using the same item. It's a replacement rear view mirror but the image comes from a rear view camera. It would be perfect for a Pantera owner with a high rise induction system that they can't see past. It works as a backup camera too. When you put the car in reverse, the guide lines pop-up but when you take it out of reverse, they go away. The unit has a front camera too.

Here's some info:

Here's the Superlite SLC video:

The guy in the video builds cars for a living. He talks about the camera around the 48 second mark. He's pretty excited about it because without one, you can see nothing at all out the back of an SLC!

The most difficult part of the installation will most likely be adapting the unit to the Pantera's OEM rear view mirror mount. The unit comes with a bunch of adapters and Auto-Vox has many more they can supply if none of the ones in the box work.   

This unit is brand new and has never been out of the box. I'd like USD $200 for it and I'll pay shipping in the USA or Canada.


AutoVox V5 Pro - NEW


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  • AutoVox V5 Pro - NEW
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