Eugenio have NOT tested them, but by googling they use the old molds and old style rubber.  ..  Thought you go for 17"..then there are better optoins see STICKY.. also waht do you want to achiev eout of them, weekend driver ? o race mashine?


Yes I have no complaints, I used them for 5 seasons and as a matter of fact I have a used set for sale manufactured 5/13 which I replaced last year with a new set due to a very small curb-cut on the side wall on one of them. 295/50-15 €200 plus shipping.

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I have been running them on the back of my Pantera for 4 years now, 295/50/15 and have no complaints. High speed rated, street approved, the only choice really in that size. A certain amount of discretion is required in torrential rain with water running across the motorway, but that is probably normal with any tyre that wide in a car with no electronic stability aids.

Cheers, Tim.

eugenioinnocenti posted:

I am undecided between the original 15 (7/8) inch rims with Avons and 17 inch Roin Campi clones with greater tire selection. I only drive on the street. I only want the original look. I think I will go to a therapist...

Therapist's advice:

medicate first

Third possible wheel/tire choice:

Factory 7x15 front wheels (6mm offset) with Pirelli P Zero 225/50ZR15 (24 inch diameter)

Roin 10x17 rear wheels (13mm offset) with Pirelli P Zero 285/40ZR17 (26  inch diameter)

The sidewalls are the same height front & back. Tires readily available, modern high performance passenger car street tires, no reproductions, no race tires. Factory appearance, if you don't mention them the casual observer will not realize the difference. You only need purchase two wheels, not four.



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