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Great Show.  We had 7 Panteras, all from Arizona.

This is a popular show with our club.

It is a long weekend of food, concerts (reenactment bands) and over 1000 cars.

Due to our connections, and due to our association with another car group ("The Loners") we get great parking in the best spot in the stadium. We had the following members with their cars, as well as a few other club members (Rick, Les and Sharon) who came out with us for the excitement.

  • Bill & Susanne - Orange Wide Body
  • Larry & Tom (friend) - Black modified
  • Chuck - Yellow L
  • Doug & Terri - Red "Squeaky Clean" Car
  • Tony and Carmen - Black Panther - Now sporting Webbers
  • Dave and Lori - Black modified
  • Kevin and Wendy - Red modified


Tony's "BLKPNTR" won "Dream Car" award - Way to go, Tony!

Did I mention we all had a blast smokin' into and out of Yuma on the I-8?  Nothing better than running with a pack of cats!  It was like the Gumball Rally!


Here's a few pictures.

IMG_0611 [Large)

IMG_0725 [Large)IMG_0662 [Large)IMG_0721 [Large)IMG_0717 [Large)IMG_0681 [Large)IMG_0650 [Large)IMG_0671 [Large)IMG_0674 [Large)IMG_0702 [Large)IMG_0684 [Large)pantera03208 [Large)



Images (12)
  • IMG_0611 (Large)
  • IMG_0721 (Large)
  • IMG_0725 (Large)
  • IMG_0662 (Large)
  • IMG_0684 (Large)
  • IMG_0681 (Large)
  • IMG_0650 (Large)
  • IMG_0717 (Large)
  • IMG_0671 (Large)
  • IMG_0674 (Large)
  • IMG_0702 (Large)
  • pantera03208 (Large)
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