I couldn't stand it. I didn't like the way the metal looks at the end of the trunk bay so I added metal to clean it up.

After welding it in I sand blasted the welds. I also found an oily spot from when I had the engine in. Nothing cleans an oil spot like sand blasting of course!

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Some one told me I dress too warm in the summer. I never use the A/C in cars/trucks. Often in long sleeve. So I asked today if this was too much. On top of long sleeve, undershirt, jeans, etc,

Quilted paint suit with hood, ear protection, goggles, respirator, sand blast hood, gloves, I love the summer!

Not sure what you mean. The additional metal is not visible from behind the car; just the inside. Although it's hard to see in the photo the part with the green etch primer is sealed with the new metal but the right side has not been done yet. It really closes it off around the bottom of the tail lights and the opening in the cross member. Probably stiffen it a little too.

I have a trans cooler going where the A/C was. I want to keep airflow for it but I wanted room in the trunk to use. If you remember I took the headers over the suspension instead of the 180's. The trans mounts L/R I added have 5/8 nuts welded under the plate. The plan is to build left/right storage bays which bolt in and can be removed but don't block the trans cooler.

That I don't have to work out now.
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Did you do yours yourself?

Ha ha I got a kick out of that one...about the best I can do is break out polish and wax, well maybe change fluids too & a few other minor things. The car came done with everything already finished.
Esthetically, Asthetically, as.....The way it looks, ..... I like the vent from the outside to help break up the car.

I did remove the a/c. It was a 100lbs and I don't use it nor need it in a performance car. I put a trans cooler in it's place.
IMHO the most interesting photo is the one that shows more-or-less how your rotissery attaches to the Pantera's rear monococque. Got a shot of ther front attachment? Did you fabricate the rotissery yourself or is someone finally selling one that fits? I'm constantly getting calls for 'where can I get one'....
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