i am having a puzzling backup camera issue    i hard wired a backup camera a few years ago    quit working no obvious cause    ordered a new one  

so cant get it to work

i have 12 volts  going  to the switch and 12 volts to the outlet tab on the switch when car is in reverse but when i hook up the white wire that goes to the back up lights  i get no voltage on either side of the switch  if i use a power probe go the wire that would go to the back up lights (the white wire) the lights come on  i tried a second back up light switch w same result    no fuse blown or wires heating up

any ideas?

thanks in advance


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If you have 12V at the backup switch terminals WITH NO load,

AND the voltage drops very low when load (white wire) is connected, there is a high resistance connection to the battery.

do the other items on fuse 12 work?


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thanks  will ck lightsw hazard guages this am   radiators have been rewired to run off battery through seperate relay

Check the ground, you may simply be grounding the circuit with the power probe.

well not sure what problem is   all other items on fuse 12 work

\ ran new wire frome fuse panel to switch  works fine

If as per what I've read;

the "G" wire from fuse to switch would be damaged.  enough conductivity to show 12Vs with no current flow.   (usually such damage will burn itself open when load is applied!)

Measure resistance from switch to fuse for both the original and your new wire


ok w new wire all works but passenger bu light is dim  makes me think the problem is beyond the area where the white wire splits to go passenger side  will ck it out this weekend

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