Does Baer make a bolt-on Pantera brake kit? The individual components (calipers/rotors) are about triple the cost of Wilwood components. Baer does make a great master cylinder with integrated proportioning valve.

Wilwood's an easy bolt-on for a Pantera. Just call SACC Restorations.

If you want something more esoteric, Hi-Spec in the UK makes awesome stuff. I think they have Pantera caliper adapters now too. Once again, be prepared to spend more than you would on a Wilwood kit.
Thanks for the quick response. Baer appears to make a bolt on kit for the front for about 1,200 on most major online stores (summit, carid,etc.). I have upgraded my 308 with hi-spec and didn’t know it was available for the Pantera so will need to look into that as it was a quality kit. Sacc was my willwood option so just wanted to see if the forum had a preference for one brake make over another.

Also now I am wondering if it makes sense to just go with the willwood calipers for standard rotors. Thanks, again!
Hi Shashi,

No doubt they both make good quality components. In all my years of building and racing cars I learned a few things about brakes, don’t underestimate the importance of a stout, parallel caliper mounts or adapters. I’m sure you know this. I only bring this up because Scott’s Wilwood kits are engineered with high quality adapters and fasteners. Good quality parts (calipers, hats, rotors....) is half of the story. Good quality parts and a well engineered system with tech support is the whole story. I’ve seen a few scary brake conversations both on street cars and race cars. Death wish I guess.

Through most of my GT racing days I used Wilwood components. Never had any brake component issues or failures. There are several series of Wilwood calipers and rotors.

Whatever company you choose make sure their kit is well engineered. Also it’s important to have you wheel sizes established. Not all kits fit all wheel sizes. I purchased my P car with Wilwood brakes the previous owner installed himself and sourced from various vendors. Most of it was wrong. SACC has all the knowledge and parts to help me straighten out the mess

Sorry for being long winded but good brakes are paramount to me and often overlooked.

Where in NJ are you located? I moved from NJ almost 5 years ago. I’m in NJ at least every other month.
When I first bought my Pcar more than a dozen years ago, I upgraded to the Wilwood package along with the 17" wheels needed to accommodate them. Haven't had any issues and look forward to testing them out thoroughly with my new built engine when I get my car back on Father's Day Weekend.
Nice. Congrats!

Glad to hear the feedback on Willwood. I placed my order with Scott yesterday for the 12” performance kit and the parking brake caliper. I don’t know if I will still have the car when my son is older but if I do, I want him or the next guy to have good brakes.

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