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The ball joints are an odd size of 10 degree taper. Some Chrysler cars use the taper, but I found finding ball joints that match the diameter was impossible (getting specific dimesions on potential candidates is the hard part, unless you are prepared to just buy a lot of ball joints).

I knwo this as I too looked at the route of a custom A-arm (and likely will revisit it). I even thought about having my uprights welded up and remachined for a more common taper. Specialty Products Co. have all the individual parts to build adjustable A-arms and if you went the retaper the uprights route they have off the shelf parts. If you were to retain the Pantera ball joint all that really is required is fabricating a carrier that would work with the SPC adjustable sleeves.

I'd like to keep in touch on any progress on this one.

SPC Performance
Excellent, thanks for the information guys.

I was going to make new uprights but the SAI is 8 degrees which is pretty good. Most after markets are 11-14. I wanted to get the SAI to point closer to the center of the tire to help with bump steer but something has to give and I didn't want to add any more SAI.

I ordered wilwoods narrow mount calipers. I was able to flip the brake rotor and move the assembly 1.25" toward the center of the tire.

I am going to play with building a-arms. I have the Chrome Molly (Damn that stuff ain't cheap).

I am also configuring a power steering raq so I need to get it positioned correctly as well.
Hi all
Reading the email digest daily, I think that a lot of questions are around "Which other (cheaper and more common) car was this and this part sourced from". And usually somebody knows! Wouldn't it be a good idea to collect all that information somewhere? I've seen a webpage years ago that I can't find a again that had that info for maybe 50 Pantera parts (like the steering column and steering wheel were Ford Capri), but we should have it for all parts, including ball joints etc. etc. Could somebody more knowledgeable than me drive this? I can put it on if we have no place else, but it should maybe be on these pages?

And since I have a Longchamp as well, we should include Longchamp and Deauville. Wink

I think that together the participants on this forums knows everything there is to know, so we could all pitch in?

E.g. (just guessing)
Pantera 1970-1978 Steering wheel: Ford Capri 1968-1972

If we can build that, I have no further xmas wishes... Big Grin
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