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M!ke, btw, the paint on your car is only "week old", correct? Meaning, the car was repainted by the original owner the first week they had it? Because I think, wow, lucky painter, underneath that old paint is a body in rather fabulous shape....(in other words, for a 53 year old should look pretty incredible naked...) Lee

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@leea hopefully...  Will know more soon enough...  I did find a dime sized bubble under the paint in the area under the battery, so there might be some repairs needed.  Also changing to the omni/colt style mirrors, so will need to fill the holes from the old door mounted side mirrors.  Overall the body seems to be in great shape for a car it's age.  Next will be the fun of sourcing window gaskets and door seals...  and of course removing and reinstalling windshield and rear deck lids glass.


Yeah, I think a straight line to is truly the best route…I started to use the Hall material to build my own, but if you can just pull out the credit card you probably won’t look back. Cut out the old ones (don’t wrestle them out).

Replacing the quarter windows in the engine covers is by far the hardest (esp, since the chrome is crimped onto the aluminum). And I’m still curious what anybody suggests for the ‘grout’ between the chrome/glass/frame sandwich.
And the only place you need to consider re-chroming is there, the door button circles, the rain gutters and door window trim and….Oh well, will be a lot of fun…Lee

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