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Horse poop!!! NOT HARDLY A BARN FIND!    Was a nice car before Carini started goofing with it......not that it's not nice, but the drummer sold the car immediately after he took it over from Wayne....the way I understood the story........  Could be wrong!  With owner at over 6' tall, NOT a good fit for the car, from the video of him in the car.

Silly websites......


Wayne wanted to paint it a dark red, which IMHO looks GREAT on a Goose. The client over-ruled him and went for re-sale red (appropriately enough). I found it amusing to watch them go on about how perfectly authentic the restoration was despite numerous obvious errors. But other than a handful of us, who can really tell anyway.

Funny, when the episode was aired and we were trying to guess at the vin, Chuck at Provamo replied with a 'I'll bet it comes up for sale soon...' And it did, At F40.

  ...Not remotely a barn find, the car had been repainted long before and was just a neglected toy to the Cars drummer. But probably my favorite CCC episode...especially the scene where the owner cries "What have you done to my car?" (as Wayne is trying to push his choice of color, against the clear wishes of the owner himself...). tssk, tssk...

  I think Mike's imaging called this 8ma1190--Lee

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