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Being Tom's car I would have liked for it to go for more. I really had a hard time with the plastic on the front and the rear. The rear tail lights remeniscant of something from the late 70's Star Wars and stuff like that. I know it's just me but I don't like the chromy flashy 17" wheels. I think they belong on a necklace.

Being a muscle car from the era to have the real "Muscle feel, it needs wheels that feel like the Campello's, Gr4's, Mini lites, the Cobra wheels, some of the more nostalgic Mustang wheels,

I don't mean those wheels specifically, but I would like....And if your listening Tom, a more "Cast" feel, meaty Pantera style wheel instead of something which looks like it was cut from a piece of chrome plastic.
I'm with you Will, Mark's avatar is not only distracting, but if my wife sees it, I'm not gonna be allowed on the forum anymore!

I watched the auction on the web last night, and it almost felt like they were throwing things in to try to get the bid higher (Tom offered to Autograph the car - twice, then said he'd include his sketches, but even with that, it didn't go over 100K).

Whether we like the mods or hate them, I'm pretty happy that the Pantera got some exposure last night - but I too think it was underpriced vs. some of the other cars out there ... on the other hand, at least it has appreciated in value, not like the XJ220 which went for well below it's original sticker price - or that Chevelle SS that they said had over 300K worth of custom work and it sold for well under 100K.

Hey, if I get Tom to sign my car do you think I could get 100K? ... Maybe I can use that as rationale for my wife to let me go to Italy in the spring!!!
I was there, and watched it sell. I will upload photos soon.

The car looked good other than the wheel gap above the rear wheels.

I am not surprised that it didn't go for understanding is that Tom bought the car a year ago, had the work done and put it up for sale. That is hardly historically significant. I certainly don't begrudge him doing that, I think he deserves to make as much money on the Pantera as he can. :-)

I would think the new owner will be very pleased with the car. Especially if he likes the updates.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the Pantera get some exposure. The guy sitting next to me said "De Tomaso, I ain't never heard of no De Tomaso before." Well, he has heard of De Tomaso now, and he should remember it sold for a tidy sum.

A friend of mine (from Lamborghini of Las Vegas) had a booth at BJ and said the numbers were dismal. He heard prices were down over 30% on average, but I have no idea who he heard it.

I did notice a Saleen S7 was going to sell for $180K before they made it sound like they were refusing to let it sell for less than $250K (I thought there was no reserve?) - someone finally bumped it up to $240, but I don't know why anyone would up the bid $60K just because they auctioneer said it "had" to go for $250. Strange. Some people thought it sold for less because it as a high miles car. Actually, it was a VERY high miles car. How many miles? 9000. Bwahaahaaaa.

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