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I hear you on replacing functionality with something that functions AND looks better. I did the same when I relocated my water bottles, eventually buying one of the billet aluminum brackets from a vendor

That assembly you found does look very nice. I bet there is a market for something like that, and with CNC fabricating getting better and better a short run by a vendor could likely be a profitable venture???

something that simple could also be a very easy project for a commercial 3-D plastic printer.


Larry, Agreed, it would be fairly straight forward for a fabricator, but, as always, anything "one off" or "custom" comes at a premium price. As you mentioned would need a short run to make the cost reasonable. Have to get me a Leno garage. I think he has the capability to make almost anything. Having the skills would help too!

I suspect a limited opportunity for a vendor, it's a very elaborate way to provide a 1/2" hole to mount a battery cutoff switch! I also think with a larger battery it would need to step down to prevent the switch hitting the hood. Odyssey have a battery hold down kit for the PC1500 (Part #HK-PC1500) that provides a good portion of what Rennline unit consists of, you really just need an additional or revised top plate, which should not be hard to have CNC fabricated or water jet cut.

The one you show has a cable on/off control, but why not go the next step and use an electric solenoid style battery isolator switch? I have one on my Formula car so I can kill power in the pits (e.g. if on hold for a clean up) without removing my harness (the battery is marginal to save weight and the dash a constant drain). Mine is a solid state, but there are much cheaper versions on the market.


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