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For those inclined to need a HUGE capacity battery disconnect switch, here ya go.   This came with my car in a box of "extra" stuff.   Appears to be unused.    AFAIK it is over 10 years old, so I suspect this is a Pollak #51-302, now replaced by a 51-902.

180 DC Amps (Much larger inrush rating!), 6-36 VDC, 3/4" mounting hole, 3/8" brass terminals & nuts.    Total OAL is about 4" with body at a 2-3/4" diameter.

This is for completely disconnecting your battery...102_2584102_2585102_2586 from other circuits.   The manufacturer warns that if you use this on an alternator equipped car, that you must turn the car off first before you disconnect the battery.  (Field circuitry is not isolated to allow just flipping the switch off!

$27 shipped

Cheers! Thanks for looking!


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Actually, just as an as aide….

If you are using these as a theft deterrent, and not a total battery disconnect- You can put a jumper across these with a small fuse of your choice.

it allows you to keep a trickle charger on, and keep accessories powered (like the clock & radio), but if the starter is engaged, or you have too large of a current draw, the fuse pops.

I have done that on my Jaguar…


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