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01203A - SHIELD OUTER BEARING - no longer available

01203B - SHIELD INNER BEARING - no longer available

Hi Everyone

apparently these dust shield s are no longer available but to be able to rebuild I need some pictures and measurements, anybody able to help with this or is it not really important to put these shields in bearings have dust covers anyway. They possibly need to be hardened so they not starting to show sign of wear and tear when put under stress in the whole axle build. My suspension is taken apart and didn't have any of these shields build in.

best regards Ulli

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I just did those bearings and the dust shields were originally installed at the factory when bearings were unsealed.  Now that all bearings are sealed the dust shield is no longer needed.  My uprights still had the factory bearings along the dust shields when we disassembled them.  The dust shields were promptly thrown in the trash along with the old bearings.

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