I've read all the old posts discussing the Bell housing Inspection Hole and none address I believe the purpose of the hole.

I've looked down into the hole and I am not sure what indicators are shown through the hole.

I understand the ventilation theory but there must be more to it than that.

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It's there so you can check the gap between the clutch disk and the flywheel.  I am sure someone can post up the required clearance with the clutch fully engaged.

Is it .040" (minimum) and .060" desired if you can get it?


PS>  I don't believe the hole is to let hot air out - it's too small.  I do believe the cover might keep things from falling in there.

I put timing marks on my flywheel, and a pointer in there, and I can adjust the timing from the back of the car.  See my 5357 thread.



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