I am  looking for an early 4 bolt ZF bellhousing that is damaged or in poor condition to modify for my ERA GT 40 project.  I purchased the ERA kit and an NOS Pantera bellhousing in the early 1990's and I am finally starting to work on the ERA GT now that I'm retired.  It would be a sin to cut, mill, and redrill an NOS part.

Here are my objectives:

1)Obtain a bellhousing that I won't feel guilty modifying for my project.  A Mangusta bellhousing would need little modification but what are the chances of that?  (Kennedy Eng. in CA used to make these but can no longer supply them.)

2)Get the NOS bellhousing to someone doing a restoration of an early Pantera.

3)Have some extra money to put toward my project.

I would be grateful for any information toward finding a bellhousing.  I have included some pictures of the NOS part.






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That 4 bolt bellhousing may have enough meat to re-drill the ZF mounting holes (or better use studs) for inverted ZF use, but a later -2 bellhousing does not without some welding and fabrication.

Gelscoe do sell a correct aluminum GT40 bellhousing.

What chassis # is your ERA? I have #2041

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