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Yesterday I turned 40.

I didn't tell anyone my birthday was approaching, no even my friends or coworkers. I didn't want a fuss, and I didn't need any age jokes. I didn't want a big party that marked 40 as a milestone, because really, I was just a day older.

HOWEVER: Now that the day has passed, and I am actually 40, I am feeling pretty great about it. I still feel 18, and didn't get depressed like many of my friends did. I still don't feel like an adult sometimes, but I have finally reached an age where people assume I know stuff...even if I don't. That is a bonus, right?

I get the impression I am one of the younger guys here, so tell me: HOW DID YOU LIKE TURNING 40??

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I'm 40. Even though I've put on a few pounds since becoming a stay-at-home-dad 5 years ago, I can still outrun the kids in my neighborhood. I was thrown a suprise party about 2 weeks after my birthday that I had no idea was coming. It was a great experience that relatives I hadn't seen in a long time came out of the woodwork for!

There were no jokes and no depression about it. I'm still on the upswing, and actually feel like I'm just getting started! When I hit 70, I may start to consider that I've aged a bit.

I see 40 as the balance. You're old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care!

Here's an adage just for you:

You don't stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun!

Happy 40th Birthday, R.

44 here and getting better every year! Seriously, I still feel (and sometimes act) like I'm 18. Turning 40 didn't make me feel old; two of my kids getting their drivers licenses this year kinda made me feel old - but I'm not really old enough to have two kids driving already (at least I don't feel like it)!

Happy B-Day! I wish you many more!
Turning 43 tomorrow and never felt better. I’m actually spending the day tomorrow with Ron McCall and other members of the Chesapeake Panteras. We’re going on a morning cruise and then having an afternoon picnic – the weather is supposed to be great!!! What better way to spend a birthday than driving your Pantera and hanging out with good friends…

All of you, mere children. I'm about 9 years old in my mind, but my birth certificate says that I am 50. Agreed that the Pantera erases more than a few years, and probably part of the attraction.

Happy Birthday to ALL of you who are having birthdays now, and especially to Robert who started this thread. I don't feel a day older now than I did at 40, except that red wine seems more effective.
Okay, it's the "old man" weighing in here. I'm 57, going on 18. I bought my Pantera when I turned 50, cuz I figured if I waited too much longer, I wouldn't be able to climb out of it once I got in.

57 isn't so bad...... I once heard of a guy who lived to be 60!!!

So far, my plan to live forever is right on schedule. Hahahahahahaha...ha.
Congrats Guys.... I keep going through stages. 1 when I was 18 I knew everything. 2 When I was in my 20's I thought i could learn everything. 3 in my 30's i realized i could use an expert's advise, 4 when I hit 40 I realized I did not have to work for somebody else, 5, Then 50 hit this year and I realize that I'm not going to make a difference in this world, and all I can do is take care of myself, and my people, family. Oh Yeah... don't have sex standing up punks Roll Eyes Bill
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