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These eBay manifolds have the casting number D1ZX-9425-DA on them. That number is the casting number of the original Ford standard height aluminum manifold. Something I've never seen on the Blue Thunder manifold before, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

The hi rise manifolds we refer to as the Blue Thunder manifold never had that casting number on them. And they were raised in comparison to the original D1ZX-9425-DA manifold.

The original D1ZX-9425-DA manifold didn't perform any better than the factory iron manifold, they were both standard height manifolds.

Can't tell if Blue Thunder has simply added the casting number to the same hi rise manifold they've been reproducing since the 80s. Or if they have recently begun reproducing the factory standard height aluminum manifold. That may mean they now offer a standard height manifold, and a hi rise manifold?

Have I confused you yet?


Here's a bit of trivia - FWIW the manifold was the 351c FORD Intake manifold known as a (4V GTHO Buddy Bar) 351 D1ZX 9425 DA used on our Legendary Phase 3 GTHO Falcons in Australia - back in the day.

I bought an XA GT optioned RP083 in early '74 with this very manifold and it had a bunch of other stuff from our cancelled GTHO PHASE IV program. Various people in our GT Club said it was a '' ring in '' and shouldn't have been on the motor, so I removed it (kinda reluctantly ) and put an iron 4V manifold in its place. I've owned the Red Pepper GT since early '74 and it hasn't seen daylight for 45/46 years with 40,000 miles on the clock - due to losing my licence so often that I had to appear before a committee to asses my psychological profile for holding a driver's licence. I had to prove that I'd removed the engine, broken it down and stored it in a 44-gallon drum of oil and cancelled the 'rego on the GT to keep my licence at the end of a 2-year suspension. There's a YouTube video of an XA idling which could be a clone of mine - mine has a parchment interior and body every bit as good. I still like taking corners sideways, so the GT stays under covers.

Here's a couple of links if you're interested in our XA GT's



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  • 351C BUDDY BAR DIZX-9425-DA
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