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Beware of the current crop of parts out by "MrFiat" on ebay etc. The latest part to come out in reproduction form, advertised for the Mangusta, is the front turn signal housing and lens. While they are a beautiful piece, they will not fit the Mangusta.....

There are two types of this front lamp, one that mounts with studs, and the other that mounts with through bolts/screws. (they use the same lens-which are fairly easy to come by) We use the latter, as there is no space to get in and gain access to be able to tighten nuts......

Anyway, he is advertising the style below which are stud mounted, as fitting the Mangusta. They are correct for many Maserattis and Ferarris....but not the Goose! For around $400, you do not want to make this mistake!

Will post other picture in next post.



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I bought those and was able to adapt them to fit my Mangusta. I have a two headlight model and just raised the headlight to gain hand access below the headlight buckets to tighten the two studs. I believe its an 7-8 mm nut. Otherwise you will have to restore the original by rechroming and get a new lens. I think it would be difficult for owner with 4 headlight models.
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