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My Goose is motorized with a Boss 302 engine.
It’s time for me to overhaul the engine.
The goal is to reach the 350/400 HP performance range allowing strong street performances, racing is not the target.

So far, the engine is equipped with :

-Ford Motorsport cylinder heads with Intake valve 1.94 (third size on four) & 1.60 exhaust valve (maximum size for 302)
- Compcams rocker arms & roller lifters (NHRA)
-Manley connecting rods

What would be the ideal camshaft for the best power/street performance compromise ?
What would be the best US dealer to get the part ?

My mechanic is thinking to a 230°- 512° for a 2200-6000 rpm range to get from Lunati or Compcams (NHRA).
Could we get more than 230° keeping at the same time an homogoneous rpm range for street performance only regarding the size of the valves ?

On the top of that, I'm desesperately looking for a steering wheel (the one with wood & leather), would greatly apreciate any clue to get one.

Thank you for your supporting answers

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Hello fellow 'Geese owners! Linda's Mangusta has a Boss 302 engine with 351W cylinder heads. We use a Crane brand camshaft and have had this combination for 23 years with utter reliability. The camshaft is designed for more mid and top-end performance. Be careful if you are shooting for lots of bottom end. The Mangusta chassis is brittle and delicate. We had a lot of welding done to ours to beef it up. I believe there is one very good quality steering wheel at PI Motorsports. Please speak with Jerry at 714-744-1398 if you are interested and have your Euros ready. If you are a PI member, ask Jerry for a PI member discount also. Look forward to seeing your car someday. Merci
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