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Team please help

running nice Willwood 4 pistons in the rear. Unfortunately one of the fittings got a bit loose resulting in rubbing the braided brake line at the half shaft.

The line is app 1.5 foot long and has the L shape fitting at one end going into the center of the Willwood, the other side is straight .

Line is still ok but 2 or so steel threads stick out. Def a safety issue.

Looks like I can have the line custom made, but before I take it out for the shop as sample DOES ANYONE KNOW the tech spec?

1) length

2) Fitting measures, the nut is 1/2 in, thread??

Please Help!


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Hi Mat -

Im not near my car now, but I thought the Wilwood ends were standard 3AN…

You can possibly look it up to confirm on their website or call Scott at SACC.

I converted my bulkhead fittings to 3AN so I could use a standard fitting.

I hope this helps… If not, someone smarter than me should jump in and correct me…. Like my wife!



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