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Hi all,

I have a problem with two leaking bleeder screws on my front calipers and I am wondering if anyone has tried the bleeder screw repair kits such as the Dorman 13916 Brake bleeder repair kit from Summit

I am wondering what size to get and if there is anything that I can screw directly into the m8x1.25 hole, since I can screw the existing bleed screws out. I have tried new bleed screws and I can't seem to stop the leaking.

I have stock calipers on a 1974 Pantera.

I don't particularly want to have to buy two new calipers if I can repair them.

Cheers, Tim.


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Does your caliper leak or seep when the bleeder screw is tightened up? I've seen this happen when someone tries to rethread or 'chase'  varnish-contaminated threads in a bleeder screw hole, and goes in too deep, cutting a new seat or scarring up the original. Drill points and taps are ground at 59 or 60 degrees at the tip while the bleeder screw tips are cut at 45 degrees, so you may get about one seal sequence from the mismatched angles, then the thing leaks. A good hard stop in a boosted brake system like a Pantera can develop 1200+ psi.

Kits for replacing stripped-out bleeders contain new seats as well as new bleeder screws so they seem to work if the pipe thread inserts are Lock-tited in when first installed. They make kits for repairing aircraft brakes, too and those require flight certification. I'm  confident they will work for you.

If it only happens during air bleeding, quite often a bleeder screw in a 45 year old caliper will need a couple of turns of teflon tape to prevent air from leaking back into the system during bleeding. This may be due to simple thread wear (caliper or bleed screw) over time.

Let us know what happens, Tim.

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