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Original Pantera parts From my Pantera, #4460.

There are lots of aftermarket parts available but if you want to keep the car original, here

are original Pantera parts that are available.

-Rebuilt front calipers. New seals. NOS Full pads.  Never run since rebuild.

-Original front rotors. Resurfaced.  Never run since resurface.

-Original front hubs. Glass beaded. Repainted. No studs. No bearings or races.

-Refinished front dust shields.  Glass beaded and painted.

-Original Rear Calipers. Rebuilt. NOS Full Pads  Never run since rebuild.

$1,695 for everything.

All with ZERO miles. All original Pantera parts from an original 32,000 mile car.

I prefer to deal this as a package.

I will ship at actual cost. PM me if interested.

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The rear Parking Brake is an electronic caliper from a Tesla. It is made by Brembo. It applies itself well to the Pantera and the components needed to convert it to Pantera usage can all be found on Jon Haas' web page.

It allows one to remove the original mechanicals from the cabin and operate it by a push button on the dash.

In my case, it works as what was in fact the missing component blocking the practical street application of this '69 Mustang T/A brake design, i.e., no parking brake. Now there is one.

You can clearly see it installed in the picture posted of my rear brake setup. The caliper has the DT logo on in. It is very light. Either aluminum or magnesium alloy construction.

It is strictly a parking brake though. It is either completely on or completely off.

The original concept of the 69 Mustang Trans Am race brakes was to use the 69 Lincoln caliper and rotor in the front (using a special adapter) and change the Mustang's original rear drum brakes to a disc brake setup. That entailed using an origianl 65-7 Mustang front brake caliper and rotor in the rear of the Mustang race car. There was no provision for a parking brake with that design as the race cars really didn't need one.

This almost doubled the braking capability of the car and reduced the race wear factor significantly.

Now, today, in the rear, the only original component missing from the original Trans Am race set up is the original 65-7 Mustang vented front brake rotor. The current replacements available for that have integral front Mustang hubs and obviously you can't use that type in the rear.

As discussed in other Pantera threads, that Mustang brake rotor is a good replacement for the original Pantera solid rotor, both in the front and the rear of the car. That rotor has become difficult to find new as a result of the integral hub being added.

The Mustang rotors main advantage is just that it is a vented rotor rather then a solid rotor like original to the Pantera. That would have more advantage on a race car but not a big advantage. The Pantera solid rotor in the rear is more then adequate and works well with the 65-7 Mustang front brake caliper and the Tesla/Brembo parking brake.

It is very true that there are lots of aftermarket alternatives now to what I did but I view my "design" as having the advantage of parts availability over a greater time period, i.e., will you be able to get Wilwood, Brembo parts in five years, etc. ? The Ford parts because of the popularity of the original applications, you most likely will, and likely more affordably as well?

I personally feel that those aftermarket systems are more glitz then anything and are just for the crew that needs to wear gold ear rings and nose hoops.  The Ford T/A system was race proven and still run in vintage racing today. I'm not really a glitz guy. No body piercings on me with diamond encrusted jewelry. Boring is what I am. I am definitely a cast iron gray person.

I feel so confident in this system that I am just offering my original components here, since I need to "clean house" on parts that I am never likely to use again. It would be a good opportunity for someone needing a rebuild now, wanting to stay completely stock or have a complete spare original system?


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  • Pantera electronic parking brake 1
  • Pantera electronic parking brake 2
  • Pantera electronic parking brake 3
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It has been a few years but all of those components were purchased on Ebay by me.

Jon may be able to supply all the components for the EPB. He can at least tell you which Tesla to get the brake caliper from. At the moment I don't remember those details. He can supply the adapter as well.

The Ford components are easy to get from one of the Ebay brake component suppliers. There are more then a few. The generic parts work fine.

You aren't seeing this type of kit available from any of the vendors simply because there is no motivation profit wise on their part. That is not what they are in business to do.

Actually most of the Ebay vendors that I have dealt with are better then any of my local suppliers which now would be through the NAPA system. Those people are just a bunch of numbnut teenagers who are lucky they aren't homeless and living on the street.

Most of the parts that I used they don't keep "in the store" and they need to source them anyway.

As stated, the rear calipers are just 65-7 Mustang. The front will be listed as 69 Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird.

You are on your own as far as the adapters though but things like that are not an issue for me to fabricate. They are pretty straight forward. Basically fabricated from simple plate steel.

The DT decal is just something that I printed out of my P-touch label maker.

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