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Anyone know the above? Our car has a mismatch of hoses, and I'm trying to source the original herringbone style hose. I've found a stockist of some nice NOS hoses for various British cars, but they are all too short. I'm not sure if the ones on our car are too long, and with a bit of tweaking I can get the correct pattern ones to fit.

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Hi Gents! Fwiw when I purchased 1010 it had three 'herringbone' type hoses that I ASSUME were original.  The fittings at the caliper ends are 100% identical to the example in Lee's photo.  Not dates or marking on any of them but the overall lengths were 17.5" in front and 14.75" rear.   The right rear measured 16" but had a smooth herringbone....I assume it was a replacement....)

According to one internet repro vendor, a GHP71 measures 433mm (~17").   I can't find a comparable measurement for a GHP71/1 but that number (with slash) is certainly out there & must mean something!   

All my new hoses are around 17.5" (total length).  While the fit looks great in front the rears seem a bit long (see photo).  That said, in comparison the old 14.75" rear hose must have been a very trim fit! 


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  • Brake hose 17.5 inch
  • Brake hose shorter

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