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Look no further than your local tractor shop.  Seriously!   Any place near you that does hydraulic hoses for tractors, combines, big trucks etc will be able to help you out!

The fittings on the Goose hoses are NOT metric!  Gotta remember the brake parts are Girling....from England..... so threads are all SAE or English or whatever you want to call them.  (If metric were needed, modern shops likely have them as well....due to cars etc switching to metric.....)

If you have a shop that does nothing but hydraulic hoses.....go talk to them.

Should run you about $35-40 a hose, and they can make them and pressure test them in about a half hour or so once they get rolling. Can even choose color of the hose!!!

Go git 'em!

Thanks Steve, that was going to be the next thing I tried but I wanted to see if I could find a ready made set first. The reason for that is I have one complete hose and another with the end cut off but where the banjo bolt goes through the hose I have two different thicknesses and I wasn't sure if that was correct or were they supposed to be the same size. 20231129_10144220231129_101449


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Greg, this is one of the easiest things, really. The brake lines are all available, search "GHP71" and you will see the exact same hoses used on Morgan, maserati, etc...

All 4 lines on the Goose are the same thing. And lucky, you still have the brass banjo fittings for the rears-- but Wilkinson also has these.

Then, for hard lines and fittings for the british fittings, FedHill is great.

Seeing another goose in Iowa is as unlikely as seeing a sailfish there

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