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I need a brake pressure differential valve. Mine is the brass configuration with the 6 inlet/outlet ports with one being the stoplight pressure switch and the other, the brake wear switch. The other ports are the brake lines from the master cylinder and to the F/R brake lines. This one mounts through the bottom of the storage compartment with two studs. Mine has a hairline crack and is weeping brake fluid in the front storage compartment. 

Just checking to see if anyone has one. Let me know.

Thank you

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Why do you need that thing?  Its function (besides stick at one end or the other of its bore and disconnect the two brakes on that end of the car), is to turn on a red warning light in the dash when brake fluid gets low. (The Military called them a "hydraulic fuse" but theirs had a return spring inside making it more like a relay. AMC and a few other cars from the '60s used them for a brief period. The problem is, there are FIVE other ways for your Pantera to light that same "all-purpose" warning light!

Besides the shuttle valve which lights it at either direction of its travel, there's a microswitch on the e-brake handle to remind you the e-brake is still partly or fully active, two more grounding wires from OEM front brake pads to warn of over-thin pads, and I think a door (or two) being ajar also lights it.

So good luck interpreting what condition you're being warned about.  I threw mine away sometime in the last century as a useless, UN-safe device, after it stuck during brake bleeding and shut off my front brakes during the test drive. Your car; your choice but not on mine.

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