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They are the hard to find Metal Housing type

Yup, they are rare.

If you were to buy them, you would:

Spend in excess of $150 USD, that is if the bidding doesn't increase from the opening price.

Have to alter the car's stock wiring to new terminal fittings for the lamp sockets and the ground wire.

Unless you are replacing the stock units in a GT5 or GT5S, you will have to design and fabricate some sort of mounting system as the regular L-model Pantera light housing pods do not have the proper sheet metal surface to mount the units in the auction.

Then go find and purchase the 5 watt and 21 watt lamps needed for this style.


You can buy the complete sets I offer and avoid ALL those issues.

My sets are complete with:

New plastic housings
New rubber gaskets.
New lenses.
Adapters and hardware for mounting in your L-model Pantera.
NO wiring modifications on your stock harness.
New 5w and 21 w lamps.
Full instructions.

$125, includes USA shipping.

Is your system plug and play on the 72 cars?...

My sets, and the Aussie set, will only properly fit in the L-model cars; the ones with the pods for the lights in the lower front valance. A very slight opening of the pod holes is needed, but no wiring changes are needed. The stock lights could be replaced by a later owner if so desired with another set of adapter plates such as I provide.

The Pre-L cars with the small chrome bumpers that enclose the turn signals take a different size light. While one might be able to adapt my set into such bumpers, it would not be a simple task. (I borrowed a set years ago with that in mind, and abandoned the idea as not practical.)

So if you have the rubber bumper Ford Pantera, yes, they are basically a plug in upgrade. I've sold probably about 50 sets and have received no reports of problems with the install.


These are the adapters I provide. They go inside the pods, and the new housings screw into them; 'sandwiching' the pod metal between them to hold the lights in place.


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Would you happen to have an amber lense set for my 72'.. ??...

Sorry, no.

I just deal in the Group 4 tail lights and the two color G5 / GT5S front signals.

If yours are just dull and worn, go to Pep Boys or whatever and buy one of the $15 headlight polishing kits they now sell. That should polish up your amber units just fine.

If you need new ones, all the vendors can supply them.

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