I was looking for something and ran across this short picture video of a car I built in 1984 which was the last Pantera built under the former name of Auto Exotica. I did this one mostly by my self at the ripe old age of 27-28. I am amazed it still looks so good---fun to look at old work and old ideas. This was the last set of steel louvers in the side scoops I ever built---changed the design to the GT5-S design using the softer shape to match the quarter gills. Turbos ran great up to 12 PSI but the piston skirts of the day did not like the pressure. A few parts I built from the time like speaker arm rests, GTS front spoiler, turbo wing, early design square corner L front bumper, and a ridicules AC cover which has been removed. NO intercooling---no injection---very old school stuff but it did fit the car without cutting anything and you could still run your trunk insert---what fun.

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Very cool.

I am reading a whole bunch of old PI Magazines, and there are lots of ads for "Auto Exotica".

I am just at the part where Panteraamerica is out of the game, and Auto Exotica and George Stauffer in Blue Mound are bringing in GT5 cars.

Really neat stuff.

I would love to get Eveline Blanchette & Fred M. as our next speakers at one of the Pantera Fun Rallys....

I recall trying to talk the original owner into a different set of wheels and the clear bulkhead was added later(just saw a interior peek-a-boo shot of the engine)Lots of time inside that engine compartment but I could bend well in those days.

Found some more pictures.


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