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Mid engine cars have their advantages and disadvantages. It may in fact turn out to be ironic that something like the C8 will make people realize what the Pantera is and how much ahead of it's time it was?


The C8 I am told is already sold out for this year. Expect to pay over sticker for one. The comparison between the 60k and 85k is going to need to be more explored and I'd predict that eventually the standard car of now won't be the standard car of the future? 

Whether or not the GM success of the C8 will come back to haunt them remains to be seen? I'm not sure you can make a car buffoon proof and keep it out of the hands of unqualified drivers? I doubt it though?

It is already a smashing success. There are a bunch of Minotaurs waiting to get their hoofs on one along with the Dodge Boys who want to do doughnuts in the intersections across the country with them.


In any case it appears to be a fantastic car and as such could be a game changer in direction as to where performance vehicles will go for many competitors. It certainly is going to embarrass the heck out of a lot of other manufacturers as to price and why theirs are so costly compared to the C8?

I'm looking forward to testing one but I'm already concerned that I can't have another car that has no room for anything else besides the driver, his "stripper" girl friend and her overnight bag of spare"G strings"? The wife will get suspicious at some point?

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I will have a chance in a couple of months to do a side by side comparison of the C8 and my Pantera. I know one of the Inde Motorsports Ranch club members that will be taking delivery of one and will have it at the track there. It will be interesting to see if the Pantera has more storage capacity than the C8, which from what I can tell it looks like the Pantera has more. The new C8 looks like a great bargain performance car and might make people take a look at what Ford did with the Pantera over 40 years ago.

I highly recommend sitting in the passenger seat of the c8. I'm 6ft 180 and cant. Once in I have no place to put my left arm except across my chest as there is zero room for me. Its basically a 1 person car or a small passenger.  Extremely complicated car and still has a lot of problems. That's why they're still not at dealers. They weight  more than our wonderful pantera. Though you could buy a new c8 for what our cars are worth.


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I believe that both the racing Panteras and Mustangs get down to 2,850 , which is the class weight rule? If you go under that you need to add weight to get to that.

New systems expected on street cars add weight. I think "911"s are even in the 3,300 weight category?

I think that my Audi TT is 3,200?

I wouldn't worry about the curb weight unless I was going racing. The C8 already has an aluminum frame. How well it preps for racing remains to be seen but perhaps there will be an "R" model like the Shelby's offered at some point?

I'd expect a lot of carbon fiber replacement parts available either through Chevy directly or through the "back door"/aftermarket. I'd think that a factory "R" model would be somewhere over $150 thousand though.





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