lloyd does have one on his pantera. he said it does not shift any better. he just wanted to try and see if it work better but it doesnt.
I have one on my GT40. (I actually posted the pictures in the thread that you mentioned)

It was a life saver in that car because of the packaging.(dry sump,inverted trans,left hand drive etc.....) It may work a bit smoother than the linkage,but it isn't by a lot.

Hey Ron,

Could you shoot me (julian_kift(at)hotmail.com) some pictures of your cable to ZF linkage set up. I just picked up a cable shifter out of an SPF, but no linkages. I want to swap my spare ZF into the KVA and bin the Porsche box.

There are photos of Butfoy's cable shifter in the ZF section of www.ProvaMo.com

I took photos of the stick shift end, and the ZF end of the linkage.

Interesting stuff, but he said it did not really make a big difference.

I had stopped by PI Motorsports one day to talk with Dave Adler and Lloyd was there with his Pantera. He showed me his cable shifter, and told me to stick with the one we have. He said it was no improvement.
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