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IIRC Girling calipers from the late 60s/early 70s were mostly plated gold, not sure if this was zinc or cad.  I send my business to PMB Performance in Utah for yellow zinc, no affiliation but I've been happy with their work.  They are brake specialists, actually, but work w/ one plater in Salt Lake who seems to know how to decontaminate & prep these parts properly.  (When the plater doesn't do it right those dreaded white spots show up way too quickly!) I usually have the fasteners done in black zinc at the same time.

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Wilkinson has plated calipers that are correctly rebuilt and ready to bolt on.  His prices are amazingly friendly for these types of parts.  It would probably be a lot of work and likely be more expensive if one tried to duplicate what he has on the shelf that is ready to bolt on.  Here is a picture of the rears that he provided to me.  The fronts look even better but I have not yet installed them and thus no picture at this time.



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