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Happy New Year to all my Pantera friends.

I am considering organizing a meeting for Canadian and American Pantera owners in the spring of '08.
I am considering and have contacted the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. This is a top-notch hotel with something to do for everyone.
They are going to ask how many people will be attending.
I need a show of hands of those that would come out for a weekend.
There will be eating, drinking, gambling and of coarse, Panteras. What could make for a better weekend?
Who's in?
Don't say you'll come unless you really intend to.
Will D.
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Sounds like fun Will, but knowing prospective dates would help decide if I could make it. Too early will mean some of us won't be ready but you may also want to consider the Pocono event (May 26 weekend), the western Mountain run (June 12th) and the Montreal GP (June 8th). Another factor to consider was the discussions we had regarding Peter Klute and DCG filming.
Originally posted by 4NHOTROD:
I'm thinking early July. I should've said early summer not spring.
Where can I read about DCG filming. Don't know anything about that.

Roy (the red Pantera from the 1st event) knows Peter. Also, I think Rob had a connection. Between them and Wayne, we should be able to coordinate something once dates are set.

I'm interested, but can't tell for sure just yet.
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