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Hi Team.

Might i suggest anyone who is thinking of doing some tyre shopping in the near future, get stuck in and do it now.

The Pirelli P7 range for your cars are incredibley good value. I was amazed when i managed to ge them to market at such a good price. yes i know it amounts to a large credit card bill but for such rare weird obsolete tyres that don't fit anything else the prices are amazingly good. for instance go and look what you will pay for a P-Zero 345/35R15

When you go looking for a comparison for the 285/50R15 P7, you can't find one, because nobody else makes it, because no cars fit 285/50-15. The closest you will get is only an Avon Race tyre. which are similarly priced. What they aren't is a incredibly high performance bespoke road tyre made by one of the worlds best tyre manufacturers.

Anyway. i can wobble on about what good value these tyres are and how incredible it is that i managed to get this tyre made specially for you guy by Pirelli no less, but the fact of the matter is the reason behind this post is to let you know that the price will be going up next year, so grab them while they are such good value.

I'm afraid price rises are something we are going to have to become accustomed to.


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  • 285-50-15 P7 first delivery: Genuine Pirelli 285/50R15 Cinturato P7 bespoke for Pantera.
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