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The most recent photos were from 1/11/2021. Looks like your photos were added. Oldest pictures were from 1997 at the Concorso Italiano, California tags. It was offered for sale in 2000 asking $27.500 and again in 2010 for $39, 804 by Affordable Dream Cars (TX), and again in 2013 by Hovey Motor Cars. Pictures from 1999 show it with single slot Campis. A few minor changes over the years.

@husker posted:

Yeah, unfortunately your car was already in the registry. Getting tough to find an unregistered VIN. Keep your eye out. Some VINs are in the registry using just a "For Sale" post from a newspaper (remember those?).

If you acquired a car, sending Chuck confirmation of ownership and some updated photos will get you access, no need to find a 'new' VIN to submit, albeit I probably send Chuck one new car I have discovered every couple weeks.

Chuck is retired aerospace and lives/lived in Sunnyvale, CA.  He created and self-funds his one-man registry, and does get backed up a few times a year. Possibly he's out of town or something. Don't be in a hurry.

I looked in the old paper Registry and that serial # is one of the many 'secret' Panteras where the owner never bothered to register it back in the mid-'90s. So zero info there except the sister car just before it- #2035- was listed as a 1971. Sorry.

@judgepaul posted:

The website said it would send me an email to change my password beginning before Christmas. Still nothing.

If you got the message the password reset is usually not far behind. Chuck has said in the past most access problems are spam filters either at your inbox or at your provider.

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