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I'll save you guys the trouble of organizing.

Karting ( near the Orange Julep)

Fri- 2pm
Sat- 12noon or later in the evening


Fri- 9pm at Hotel 10
Sun- 8pm Old Port (Location TBA)

These are tentative times that I will confirm tomorrow AM.

How many would be interested given the info above?

Secure, safe, coned off Detomaso parking is available at our Hotel 10. We have two Detomaso owners bringing their cars already.

After Friday's dinner we can have an Ontario-Quebec cage match on Rue Crescent?

Let me know.

Ok, confirmed with the following activities:

Fri- 1400hrs Karting at Kart O Mania
2100hrs Dinner at Hotel 10

Safe, secured, reserved parking at Hotel 10 available...let me know.

Sat- Karting TBA (depending on who lives after Friday's session!)

Sun- 2030hrs Dinner at Mangia Foco in Vieux Port

Please reply here or email with questions.


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