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I believe the registry is a single man effort. Same goes for this here forum (different person). From what I can tell, the forum is rarely monitored or updated beyond the most basic efforts such as  renewing the domain and hosting account. The registry seems to get new entries on a regular basis. Gaining access has always been an adventure in my experience. Once you have access expect the site to be offline more frequently than not. That is part of the unique charm! None of this is said to disparate the efforts of these admins. In fact these online resources are gold and if they were to be lost we would loose significant De Tomaso history. Scary to think how easily these resources could disappear from the internet!

Yes the Provamo registry has been problematic since its beginning.

The last year or so there has essentially been no administration input by the one man who created and manages that website.

do not expect to get a reply. Do not expect to have a request to update your password to be responded to, either.

it is a shame as the administrator has collected a massive amount of data which will likely completely disappear sometime in the future.



Chuck is around and still administrating, his backlog is around 90 days last I heard from him. I have a lot of respect for what he has single handedly amassed in the most complete registry to date, by no means perfect, but he has aged parents he cares for. How long has POCA been around and threatening to develop a registry now?

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