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Have recently replaced both engine bay relays for modern higher current type so no problem there.

While I understand your logic in this statement, when I troubleshoot anything - I'm a Union Inside Wireman - the FIRST thing I do is to not make ANY assumptions.

In fact, since the relays are what you just changed in this circuit and now the circuit is no longer working - I assume it was functional before? - I would check those relays as Step One.

Next, of course, is pull your large amp fuses and check them with a meter - not just visually.

Next, I'd verify good grounds.

Hi Guys,


My fans have been working since the relays were changed so everything there is OK.

My car is an early series 3 and the two electric fans and shroud look like a factory fit.
I would like to change the rad and fans for new, modern types before next years DT Swedish organised trip to Italy.

One of my rad switches became faulty and a friendly tech hot wired the fan so they were both on permanently. Not the best thing in the world but it keeps the temp down.

I have a feeling the second switch (there are two that operate each fan at different temp's) has now gone open circuit so with check these at the weekend by shorting the switches out.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061

It seems that you have the same coolingfan setup as a Deauville.
Last month I replaced my 2 thermoswitches for the coolingfans since the old ones were bypassed by the previous owner.
The top one I replaced with a Facet # 75004, 67-70 degr. celsius. This one is for the primary fan. The bottom one I replaced with a Facet # 75018, 80-85 degr. celsius for the secondary fan.

After this simple and cheap, about € 30 for the 2, it now cools as it should!
They are nothing special and off the shelf since they are used in also in several Peugeot, citroen and VW cars.

My 1979 (i think series 1) does not have thermo fans, but rather a clutch fan which sits neatly in a metal shroud (kind of like a blanket shroud). Being that it gets warm in the summer down here, my car has been getting warm lately especially with the air con switched on. There does not seem to be any space in front of the radiator as there is only around 55mm between the condensor and the radiator. I'd prefer not to get rid of the clutch fan to change over completely to thermo fans. Has anyone else had any experience with cooling the early model Longchamps?

I am based in Sydney and you can take a look at my Longchamp as it has a modified cooling system that works very well. It does rely on twin electric fans and a modified radiator. As my car was set up to racing(Targa Tasmania, Indycar Rally etc) the cooling system needs to work under extremes. It may give you some ideas to apply to your needs.

Longchamp GTS 3215
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