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Can anyone tell me about car 52201?  It sounds like it's in the ProvaMo registry but I'm not having any luck with registering.  I purchased the car going on a month now and would like to know some history if possible.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Skoczek, Glad you have joined us as the new guy.  Welcome.  We have a really good group of very helpful people here.  I assure you this is not hazing.  Rocky posted pictures of what the seller (Beverly Hills Car Club) advertised a being chassis #2201.  Those are the pictures that were posted in January 2014.  I wonder if Husker has the original ad saved so that we can be sure we are all discussing the same chassis number.  Either way you have a nice car now.


I was wondering why some people decided your VIN was 2201 when you had written 52201. The body number is a different method of identification not commonly used in discussion

your VIN plate indicates your car is what we would refer to as VIN 6493.

that would certainly explain why your car looks so different than the automatic equipped Beverly Hills car.

Now we can start discussing the car you actually have.


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