You may remember from not long ago, a red/burgundy Pantera for sale by Beverly Hills Car Club.

It was notable due to the >automatic< transmission and engine combo just ‘laying’ in the engine bay.

Quite a number of viewers expressed concern that a ‘newbie’ Pantera buyer might be confused and disappointed once he found out what he received.

Well this car, 3178, was eventually sold into Greece, to a knowledgeable car guy who clearly knew what he bought.

He is now about finished with the restoration. No, the car does NOT have an auto-trans!

I have added a few photos showing work beginning, with more to add shortly. From the photos he supplied, the bare body looked pretty good to begin with.

I expect the final result will be quite worthy, and it looks like he is now driving it around. Updates to follow.

(Almost) every car has a story!

Have you added your car’s story to the DeTomaso Registry too?

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