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Our original plan for Friday got rained out. So we regrouped on Saturday for our annual Pantera Grand Prix BBQ. The weather was perfect and although rescheduling caused us to lose a few of the Ottawa guys, we all had a great time.

The cars were a big hit on my street. Most of my neighbors had never seen a cat until they met me – so seeing six in a row was a big thrill.


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By the time we finished off a few bottles of limoncello and then a bunch of espressos with dessert it was too late to visit the downtown action. Not that anyone could drive.

We’ll try again next year to get to see some PIBB folks who were in town for the race.

Eventually, the sound of the cars departing my quiet neighborhood was appreciated by all – I had a few mention how their houses shook as my guests left.

One of them said to me the next day “…wow, those cars sure sound good – not like those Ferraris and Lamborghinis!”
Looks like a great BBQ! I'm sorry we missed out! Me and my group had an awesome time in Montreal. We tried to take in as much of your find city as possible besides the race. What a beautiful City! We did go down to Crescent street and it was packed like sardines! Lots of late model BMW's Mercedes, Ferraris etc., many in primer black or grey hopefully awaiting nice paint jobs!

I'm sure your street of Panteras sounded sweeter than the F1 cars at the track!

Perhaps next year....


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