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Having watched all these Hagerty drawing videos, and I say this as a huge fan of his... I was a little worried at first because I think the design is pretty flawless and he's done some things with other cars that I didn't love, like the DeLorean. But when I realized he was just going to put bigger wheels and change the color, I felt relieved.

Here's one of the very few times I've agreed with his perspective. "Leave it alone". Agreed.

I'm not sure that you can do anything with the stance. It surely can't go any lower.

To me, that 15" rear rim with the 275 tire has become part of the character of the car and if you change that, you have severely modified the side view.

The design is so pure that even if you put mirrors on it, it changes the character.

Would only move the marker light, even the design of the wheels is the same..."no gingerbread," "pure elegant, not overdone..." Great, so if Overhaulin was still on TV I'd be the perfect candidate for him to finish my car...He could probably get it done in a week, too, and I would be surprised and grateful

At least, maybe someday Foose will make 17" wheels that look like the original Campies...likely, my tires will die of old age before the tread gets thin, Foose's comment that even the change in wheels is about better driveability on modern tires is just sensible.

But I think more often that Doug is right: I'm more inclined on 70 series big profile (not the 295/50 I put on the rear). The tubbed-out look here doesn't really look right, I've come to like the tall tire. And if Foose is going to make wheels for lower profile, he should supply a different oil pan and skidplate in the package--Lee

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The marker light change is subtle enough that it doesn't detract and bigger wheels are in keeping with the original design that used 8" & 10" x 15" (because that was the big tire size 50 years ago....).

FWIW, about the only change I would make personally is to add a subtle front spoiler, modify a bellhousing & clutch for more ground clearance, rake the car slightly and do the upper rear link end change like Johnny Woods did, for more consistent handling. The Goose rear suspension is a virtual copy of the better handling GT-40 except for that link end.

Johnny Woods restored Jonathon Root's '69 Mangusta to his usual meticulous standard. He noticed that except for the upper rear suspension link, the Goose rear suspension was identical to the mid-60s GT-40. The difference in the inner ends of the upper links created a bind in geometry that results in bump-steer during  John's test drives. So he cut the cheap bushing off, replacing it with a heim- as is used everywhere EXCEPT at that point, then readjusted the upper link and toe links for optimum travel. This results in a massive improvement in rear end behavior due to zero rear bump-steer. The article was published in a British motorsport magazine a couple of years ago. I saw it, e-mailed John in the UK and we discussed the details. Then I published the expanded story, with photos, in the April 2020 POCA Newsletter under 'Bump-Steer Fix for Mangustas'. It's in the member-downloadable archives.

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