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Can the effort reduction kit be replaced with the pedal box in the car. My car has the factory installed kit and there is a little slop in the pivots. Looking up under the dash it seems possible if the shaft that the gas pedal and bell crank pivot on will slide out. Does anyone know if that shaft slips out or of it is pressed in? Before I go to the trouble of trying to get it apart I’d like to know if it’s possible. I tried prying on it a little but it didn’t move.


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I added the clutch reduction kit to my 72 last spring. I got the kit from Larry Stock and it made a huge difference.

The shaft that the gas pedal and bell crank mount to does slide out but you will have almost no room to get the clip off the shaft on the clutch bell crank side without at least unbolting the pedal box. Never mind the clips for the linkage to the pedal and the master cylinder. I pulled the gas pedal off when I did mine but don't know if that was necessary.

I didn't have to completely pull the pedal box but I did unbolt it and partially pulled it away from the body. I didn't open the brake lines but I did remove the power brake booster and pulled the clutch master cylinder (had to disconnect the hydraulic line and bleed out the clutch after I put everything back). Also removed the drivers seat to get more room for sliding under the dash.

It was just hard to do this job because there is so little room and you're popping off a ton of little clips. If you're pretty handy, you can do this yourself.

Just take a lot of pictures and pay a lot of attention to how the bell crank was originally installed so you don't put it in backwards and have to do the whole job over.

Made a huge difference to how hard it was to drive my car.

Feel free to reach out if I can be of any help!

You wouldn't be able to get the bell crank out if the rod the bell crank and gas pedal didn't slide out. 

You do need to remove a clip on the passenger side of the rod. It holds the bell crank on the shaft.

The kit I got actually had a longer shaft because the one that was in the car only was a pivot for the gas pedal as the car didn't have the bell crank and the pedal was directly connected to the rod for the master cylinder.

At least that was the case on my early 72.

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