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After 25 years and 15,000 miles it was time to change the Pantera clutch master cylinder again.  It was working fine but weeping a small amount of brake fluid from the back piston seal.

I remembered that it was not much fun changing it twenty-five years ago and adding 25 years to my age did not make crawling into the footwell on my back any easier.  But, I got it changed without too much pain and it is working well.

It is a new stock type master purchased from Pantera Performance and Dennis bench tests them before shipping, so you don’t end up going through the installation and then have issues.


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If anyone bench tested the clutch master cylinder that I just bought from Pantera Performance Center, then they didn't do a very good job. Mine started leaking as soon as I installed it. I am going to take the one that was in the car and send it to a place in New York that rebuilds these master cylinders and uses quality parts. I have a new CNC clutch master cylinder that I never used because I didn't want to cut the hard line to make it fit and I have never been able to find an adapter.

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