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I cannot answer your question directly, but a condenser is a lot different than a resistor (effectively what a lightbulb is).

I would be surprised if it was a back up for an Alternator light. Condensers (capacitors) are typically used for noise reduction in the radio, are associated with points in the ignition system.  

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9DEF2620-7C9B-4BEA-9950-0698A8AFADB2You are correct that the charging circuit requires the GEN bulb filament to complete the charging circuit. Knowing that bulbs do not last forever, our  Panteras use a crude but effective add-on to provide a charging circuit path if the bulb burns out.

A ceramic resistor was soldered across the two terminals on the lightbulb socket.

stock resistor is 15 ohms rated at 10 W. If this needs to be replaced the same 15 ohm resistance should be retained, but wattage is not critical as long as it’s no less than 10 W  



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  • 9DEF2620-7C9B-4BEA-9950-0698A8AFADB2
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Thanks for the replies.

Larry, the pic of the resistor and gen light is great....answers one of my charging mysteries. The capacitor attached to the yellow wire at the voltage regulator “plug in” would be a noise/static suppression add-on. Thanks for the clarification.

Question for Larry...with my voltage regulator unplugged and my ignition switch in the “run” position, should my gen/charging light be luminated(on)?


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