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I tore this apart a couple of months ago and I'm just doing a test fitment of the consol due to all the new heater and A/C lines that I installed. I have several pics of two of the cables that I'm not sure where they connect. I have the defroster and the heater valve cable figured out I'm pretty sure but, the pull vent and air-IMG_0347IMG_0348IMG_0349 off is what is baffling me.


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The '71 cars had that feature which allows fresh air to enter the cabin via the heater/AC box and dash vents.  When the dash lever is in the "AIR" position, outside air enters the cabin via the heater/AC box and dash vents.  However, this fresh air bypasses the heater/evap core.  If you are using the heater or AC and have the the lever in the "AIR" position, you will be tempering the conditioned air with outside air of the "wrong" temperature, effectively lowering the heater output temp or raising the AC output temp.  


Early '71 and late '74 Panteras had fresh air venting, using different parts for two different heater boxes. For most Panteras, you have to build your own. My two rigs come directly off the cowl using two 90 degree 2-1/2" copper sweat-solder fittings & hand built "throttle" blades for shut offs. THe stock control cables are not involved.

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