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This may help the air cleaner questions, this assy. is what came on many factory build 5-S cars. Some were imported by Stauffer-39 examples, Wilkinson a few less, & us back in the day. Kirk (Amerisport) had to make his air cleaner boxes specific to pass emissions here. The last one of these we sold was over 2 grand last year.  Believe it or not they still pop up for sale occasionally.


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Besides the Amerisport filter assy . I have seen 3 other models of aircleaner assy's  on 351Cleveland and 351 Windsor engine powered GT5 and GT5-S Pantera's .

The aircleaner assy from the picture came from a Australian Ford and also was used on a few  Longchamps .

The later 351 Clevelands came from Australia as you know.


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