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Here is a picture of the corroded parts. There is a duplicate lens plate in the picture. One has the bulb/socket connector seperated. I need 2 sets, one for each door. The wires where the connectors connected to the bulb connector were rusted and just broke off. I will have to cut the wires and put spade connectors to connect it to a good bulb connector. Then Lens housings I could possibly salvage, but the bulb socket connector is a toss, I really need that part. The black canister looking part is the seal, and both sides appear ok as well as the red plastic lenses. But if someone has the whole deal I would be interested to see what you have. As far as I know the pictures on the vendor's sites show the lens housing only.

The piece I'm after the most is at the bottom middle of the picture. I called European Auto Imports at 408-982-9800 through a reference on the mailing list and from what I described to him, he seemed to think that this part could possibly be found at Kragen/Schucks. I believe a few vendors have the door light assembly, but not sure if they have the bulb socket connector because it is not pictured in the door diagrams.

He also forwarded me to International Auto Parts, a source for looking up Alfa/Fiat Parts online, here is a link.

International Auto Parts
I have three of these assemblies (I should have four but I can't find one of them). However, I am not sure they are in much better shape than yours. I will take some pics and post tonight.

FWIW, on my car, someone put in a cabin ventilation system that removes these assemblies and replaces them with black plastic grills. The doors had to be modified to accept this system, so the lights won't be going back. There are also louvered grills on the inside of the doors. I guess this allows air to flow in and out of the cabin at speed. I still have the light assemblies for this car and my parts car (-1).

I compared the light assemblies in my car and my extra pair. They all have rust but even the sockets of the worse pair are way better than yours. If you want to pick them up (I am in Bothell) you may have them. One of the red lenses is melted, because someone used too long of a bulb, so you will need to use yours.
Richard O.
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