Does anyone know where the cowl vent connects to? I got caught in an unexpected downpour awhile back and water was literally running onto my right ankle. of course it could be a windshield gasket, but the location seems right for the cowl vent. despite a decent amount of time with a flashlight under the dash, I cannot see how one accesses this area or it's purpose. looks like it might drain to the drivers side and there is a raised section in the middle right.

if anyone has pictures of this area with the full dash removed I'd love to see them.


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M!ke, glad to hear Houston is getting rain SmilerI'm embarrassed that I don't have a picture of the dash, but the connection from the external vent to the heater box is via an air intake on the top right (passenger's side) of the heater fan assembly. There is an air duct created on the edge of the firewall, starting close to the windshield just to the left of where the passenger side wiper wheelbox is located. I cannot remember if these are in any way sealed (I suppose, should be). The heater box has its own drain, and as Dick mentions the water in the vent drains to the left fender. Here is at least a pic of the heater box (you can see the drain also on the right side)--Lee


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M!ke, as I remember there are 5 contact points for the dash--the 2 you see on top, left/right sides 1 bolt each, and the parking brake. But if you can remove just the heater box and the dashpad, you'll have a lot of access and avoid dropping the steering column and pulling the gauges...Good luck ! Lee

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