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I like where you're headed with this. The speedo and tach closer together is a great move. What will make or break the end result is how well the details are worked out. Looks closely at modern exotics, copy the stitching and edge details and you'll have a great result I think. Keep us posted!

Thanks all.

Seats are stock Lotus Exige probax seats. I love them, comfortable, supportive and let you sit really low (in addition to the drop floor pans). Custom brackets, all mounted on sparco sliders.

Seat set up is fantastic, I am 6' tall and have 4.5" of head room and seating position gives my forehead 14" to the halo bar, so no
real worries about the cage on the street.

Parts are a combination of fiberglass and alum. The rocker pieces are all fiberglass, the aft bulkhead, dash and consoles are combination of fiberglass and aluminum.

Sorry dont have any fabrication pictures.

Originally posted by JTpantera:
Very impressive. Nice creativity. I also see you made a meaninful stiffening effort in the area Goran Malmberg opined made the most improvement. That is the area where the windshield side posts mate to the roof. Nice work

I'd like to read more about Malmberg's ideas about body stiffening. Did he write an article or was it a serie of articles about stiffening somewhere? Would that be readable online or can a copy be bought somewhere?

And nice work on the interior.


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