Someone has created a similar Facebook page to the De Tomaso Registry page.

Now he is trying to collect money for access to the "archives". Not sure what this is about.

Do not be confused by this.
The DeTomaso Registry ( is in NO way connected to this other Facebook page.

The 'real' De Tomaso Registry Guy
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WHOA!Russia creating havoc again. They take every opportunity to [ab]use FB. I have the feeling the next war between countries will not be fought with weapons. Russia can/might destroy a country by making it implode w/in by creating chaos. The scary part is, wait until they turn up the volume. They're still practicing!
The real Facebook page for the DeTomaso Registry is "DeTomaso Registry" and displays the attached image at the top of the fb page.

The one I was warned about is "Register DeTomaso".

The fact that they picked a Facebook page so similar in name seems intentional to me, and likely confusing to others. Caveat Emptor!


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For your info, there are 10-12 Dutch DeTomaso owners who are on face book into The Netherlands.

I am not, because I dont know how it's work, but you can try contact Matthijs Lindeman who is also on this forum .

Maybe this is something for you.

Originally posted by Joules:
I had a friend request from them, someone told me it was Philippe Olczyk ...

Originally posted by MikeWest:
@ Joules I all got that request! ... the owner of that account started to post some 'impolite' messages on simple pictures I shared on my car.

Philippe Olczyk impolite? Could it be possible? Roll Eyes

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