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I still have some of the Reproduction steel signs available, I know many of you grabbed one back in '07/08 when I had them produced.

I hadn't done much after that with advertising as I was constantly working overseas and also moved house and they got stored away. I am now home on a more permanent basis and motivated to clear space.

These are 18" x 24" die stamped and screen printed De Tomaso Automobili signs. They weigh ~6 lbs packaged and for anyone who has held back due to shipping costs the current deal is $85 shipped within the contiguous US.

The original thread is here with feedback on the signs from purchasers;

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Hi Julian I would really like one of these for my newly completed garage, would also consider the uk owners club buying some, so can you tell me how much four of five of these would cost including shipping to the uk please, I am thinking buying more to keep the overall shipping cost down. That is if you are willing to ship to the UK. No worries if not, thanks Richard.
Hi Richard,

I have shipped to the UK, Europe and even Australia. I have one UK member buying one as soon as the new batch arrives (scheduled for tomorrow), maybe I can put the two of you in touch, spreading the shipping cost. I did that to Europe earlier this year shipping 4 in one package.

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Guys, I just ordered and received one of these signs provided by Joules.  The sign is really, REALLY nice!  High quality that will last the rest of my life for sure.  And the entire transaction went smooth as silk, so if you are on the fence, just go for it.  You will be very happy you did.  For $85 it is almost too good to be true.

Thank you Joules.  I hope one day I can return the favor.

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